The other day I noticed a fine rash on my face that looked like I had a breakout just below
the surface of my skin. None of the usual suspects present because I made sure to go
through the checklist:

  1. Have I been drinking water?
  2. Introduced any new foods?
  3. Used a new face cloth (more about that another time)?
  4. I didn’t skip my weekly selfcare day?
  5. Could it be hormones?
  6. Slept less than usual?
  7.  ……..

I asked myself so many questions and was not getting that lightbulb moment until my eye
fell on an unlikely suspect after two weeks of wondering, my trusted makeup brush. Of
course I had not included it in my cleaning routing in the last little while but I really should
have with all the live recordings I was doing that have me wearing tons more makeup than
what I am used to. Wayyyyyy more than usual. Also makes sense that these brushes would
be filled with bacteria from all the expose to both the makeup and contact with my skin.

So a little bit of gentle soap (like African black soap or other natural soap), a good rinse with
some clean water and air drying and there was no rash or skin irritation after applying my
makeup. Ready camera Zoom.

Quick Poll

How often do you wash your brushes?

Once every week
Every 2-4 weeks
1-2 months
Whenever I feel they are dirty
Oh, I had no idea I was supposed to wash them. Oops