It’s amazing that our idea of long, luscious locks is usually straight, flowy and blowing with the wind.

But your hair is kinky. It grows out and up and not down.  Most of all it shrinks…

Most naturals have  a love/hate relationship with shrinkage. It’s hard to notice progress in your length if your hair shrinks.

But that’s the nature of Kinky Coily Hair and you need to embrace it.

Your hair can shrink up to 90% depending on its curl pattern and porosity. Shrinkage is actually a sign of healthy hair. The more moisturised, plump and healthy your hair is, the more likely it will shrink. Your kinks and koils actually give your hair the structure and versatility to create the millions of styles that Africans are known for.

The next time you get frustrated with your shrunken fro, think healthy hair shrinks. Embrace it.