It's that time again. When doeks, weaves and braids become your go-to. When washdays are
few and far between. When the thought of a cold scalp sends you reaching for the nearest wig.
Cold, Winter weather is slowly creeping in and with that comes cosy blankets, thick socks and
layers of your thickest body creme.

Your Winter Haircare routine usually means more protective styling, thicker moisturisers and a
good protein treatment.

Prepping your hair for the colder weather and protective styles is a must. It just takes a few
adjustments and these 6 tips will get you started on the right foot.

  1. Wrap it up. Start prepping your hair for those long, winter stretches without washing. Hot
    Oil treatments and deep conditioning with heat ensures your hair is in its best condition
    before the colder months set in. Hot oil treatments just require a simple oil like Coconut
    or Olive Oil. For an amazing Hot oil treatment experience you can even try out Asili Hair
    and Skin Butter. All you need to do is apply it evenly throughout your hair, put on a
    shower cap, wrap it in a towel and go about your business for at least 1 hour. The
    combination of coconut oil, Shea butter and essential oils will create an amazing, soft
    finish. Thank us later ..
  2. Wig it up. Wigs have come along way since our mother's days when the 'birds nest' was
    a common comparison. Wigs are extremely versatile, give access to your hair, and
    protect's it against the harsh cold. If you plan to wig it up, make sure to treat your hair
    with a good protein deep conditioner beforehand. Wash your hair every 10-14 days and
    add a hot oil treatment for added hydration.
  3. Style it up. Braids,cornrows and weaves are also a great option in winter. But because
    they can last up to 8 weeks, alittle more tlc is needed. Cleaning your scalp and hair
    during this time is still necessary. You just need to be alittle smarter about it. This is were
    waterless shampooing can be very handy. Create your own by mixing a TSP of your
    regular shampoo, ½ a cup of water and about 10 drops of peppermint oil. Use this mix
    with a facecloth to clean your scalp once a week.
  4. Satin Bonnet before bed. We can't emphasis enough the importance of wearing a satin
    Bonnet or using a Satin pillowcase at bedtime. Your hair (especially your ends) needs to
    retain all the moisture it can. Cotton or other material will suck it dry. Satin and Silk
    scarves offer the best solution to keep those locks moisturised for longer.
  5. Watch that hairline. If your hairline is in anyway damaged or sensitive to breakage, avoid
    braids, lace frontals using glue or any hairstyle that puts further stress on your hairline.
    Wigs with fringes and banges work better as you can remove them nightly and minimise
    the stress on your fragile hairline.
  6. Limit Winter breakage by keeping your head warm, hair hidden and ends protected.
    Satin lined beanies, scarfs, caps and doeks are what you should be looking for. But don't
    make it an excuse to not give your locks the tlc it deserves.

Prepping your hair and scalp for the colder months is awhole lot easier if you start early, have a
plan and keep up with a regular routine designed to protect your hair.

Do you have any tried and tested Winter Haircare tips you swear by???