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    5 Hair trends to look out for in 2023!

    We are firmly into 2023 and if you’ve been glued to the screen, enjoying the February award
    season, you’ve probably picked up on a few of 2023’s most exciting haircare trends. Volume,
    rich colour, curls and gold are the biggest hair care trends in 2023. Incorporate 1 or 2 of these
    trends throughout the year and you’re good to go.

    Ready to make a bold statement? Here’s what YOU should be rocking…

    1) Texture, Braid and Loc Fusion
    Braids and Locs are timeless staples but in 2023 we are doing them a bit different. Think all 3 in
    one. Boxed braids and voluminous curl combinations are all over the Celebrity Red carpets.
    These protective styles give you bounce, volume and length with a twist…

    2) Afro Puffs
    In 2023 the Afro puff makes a comeback. This simple hairstyle is quick, easy and can make a
    stylish statement when accessorized. You can opt to achieve this style with your own hair or
    invest in a great quality synthetic puff that can be attached to your crown. Just remember it
    requires slick, healthy edges. For better results, tie your hair into a high ponytail the night
    before. Slick your edges with your favorite edge control product and wrap it with a silk stocking
    or hair tie. Finish the look with a trendy, metallic hair cuff.

    3) Volume
    Soft, bouncy curls that frame your face and tighter coils on a long mane are big trends in 2023.
    You can’t be shy about turning heads or having the biggest mane in the room. Go on – be BOLD.

    4) Gold Flakes in you ‘Fro’
    Add a hint of drama with 2023’s most quirkiest trend, gold hair flakes. These look amazing on a
    coiffed TWA. Perfect for that special night out.

    5) Colour
    Auburn paired with rich browns, highlighted blonde and lustrous blacks are the biggest hair
    colours for 2023. Warm tones suit almost everybody and black oozes health and shine. When it
    comes to colour, make sure your aftercare products are meant for colour treated hair. This will
    ensure the colour lasts longer, fades naturally and preserves the health and integrity of your
    own hair.

    Which one of 2023’s haircare trends will you be rocking…?

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