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    For some of our little ones, it’s the  First year of Big School. An exciting and anxious time for both parents and kids alike. But no need to despair. It’s a happy time of many firsts…

    With school being very regimented, this is also the perfect time to teach your little girl the basics of haircare and maintaining a night-time routine.

    It’s no secret that with the right encouragement  kids learn very quickly. They love the certainty and consistency that comes with routine as long as it’s playful, relaxed and not too challenging..

    Sadly, the vast majority of us were never really taught how to love and take care of our own natural hair the right way. Most of what we know is due to trial and error, experimentation and occasional but infrequent lessons by friends, an older sibling, mother, grandmother or aunt.

    Teaching your little girl how to take care of and love her natural hair is a priceless gift. An ideal opportunity for mother/daughter (or father/daughter) time.

    Whilst they learn how to do homework, pack their school bags, make their bed etc, slip in simple hair grooming lessons. What matters most is consistency.

    From as early as 6, your little girl can, under supervision, do a lot more than you think.

    • Use dolls to learn simple things like washday, plaiting and twisting.
    • How to neaten the edges of a protective style before bed time.
    • Lightly combing hair before Mom finishes off with detangling.
    • Moisturising hair with a spritz.
    • Putting on a satin bonnet at bed time.
    • Cleaning hair care tools.
    • Redoing a ponytail.

    The results may not be perfect but the lessons learnt are invaluable…

    Keep the learning process playful and relaxed as kids learn best through play.Keep it quick and short. Demonstrate on your own hair and help her to do the same on her own.

    Teaching your little girl how to care and love her own natural hair is the perfect bonding moment that she is unlikely to forget…

    Do you remember who taught you how to take care of your own hair….

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