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    You’ve done your homework. Done the strand tests and figured out that you just might have High Porosity Hair.

    What then??? If you might not know check our previous blog (link to Porosity 101 Blog)
    High Porosity hair like, low porosity hair needs a customized routine and products to achieve maximum health. Understanding what your High Porosity Hair needs goes a long way. Once you understand these needs, you are more likely to spend less time and money on products..

    So what exactly should you know about your High Porosity Hair.

    1. High Porosity Hair absorbs moisture, smells and products very easily…
    Have you ever spent a night out on the town and came back with your hair smelling strongly like a cocktail of Sweat, Smoke and Beer?? Or did a bomb blow dry only to have your hair frizz up in no time and without product??????

    Your High porosity hair will tend to absorb water and basically any liquid or vapour around it. It loves all things water-based. It will also absorb sweat and dirt easily. So weekly cleansing is a must.

    High Porosity Hair does well with rich, hydrating conditioners and butters like Shea Butter…

    2. High Porosity Hair Gets Dry much Quicker
    On a really good, summer, wash day your high porosity hair will air dry in no time. It can also get frizzy, tangled and prone to breakage. It needs thick, hydrating products to keep it in check.

    Raised cuticles allow moisture and oils in but also lose moisture very fast. High porosity Hair does well with the LOC method. Using a Liquid (water, rose water, Aloe Vera), Oil (Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil) then a Creme/Butter (moisturiser cream, Asili Hair Butter or Shea Butter) to layer your strands and lock in moisture works very well.

    3. High Porosity Hair Needs thick Sealants
    You’ve been moisturizing like a mother. Dosing your hair with water, aloe vera gel or the latest moisturizer on the market.

    It’s amazing for a couple of hours but by the end of the day, it looks like straw. You need a good sealant to keep your hair from losing that moisture. High porosity hair requires high quality hair sealants. Shea Butter, Thick Hair Creams and Hair Butter with Beeswax like Asili Hair and Skin Butter are able to lock in moisture by coating the hair strands.

    4. High Porosity Hair is prone to breakage
    Without regular moisture, High Porosity Hair can get extremely Dry and will break. Keeping your hair Moisturised and deep conditioning regularly is a must for healthy, high porosity hair.

    5. High Porosity Hair needs thorough deep conditioning
    Regular, moisturizing deep conditioners are a lifesaver for high porosity hair. Deep conditioners not only rehydrate strands to its deepest level, they also repair any existing damage. Deep Conditioning with heat is best. Using a Hair Steamer, Heating Cap or Hooded dryer is an excellent way to take your Deep Conditioning to the next level….

    What tips and tricks do you use to maintain Healthy, High Porosity Hair…

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