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    By Jolly

    Every now and again I get asked what I do with my daughter’s hair who is eight years old. Spoiler alert, it is pretty simple. She does not trust salons so I do her hair most of the time but there are one or two other people she  occasionally trusts.


    To cleanse her hair I combine an inexpensive conditioner with shampoo to cleanse her hair.   I wash her hair weekly or every two weeks. Fortunately she  spends less in the sand than she used to.  I work my fingers through her hair and mix the conditioner and shampoo and add a bit of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to the mixture. I apply it to the hair and rinse it.  After this I use a good conditioner on her hair.   She sits with it for a few hours and we wash it out. This also  detangles the hair. Next I moisturise her hair.


    On days that I have not washed her hair first I spray on Asili Rosewater Mist (this is pure rosewater) or use a good moisturiser. This is followed by a nourishing oil which nourishes and protects her hair from drying out.  If you do not have a good oil check our shop to have a look at our products such as hair and skin butter which has shear butter and castor oil and also beeswax for sealing moisture.


    The Princess in Person

    Sealing helps lock in moisture. Depending on the area you live in glycerine will either seal moisture or dry your hair.  When I visit the coast, where my parents live, I use glycerine on her hair and then plait her hair.  I live in a dry area I do not use glycerine for her hair because it will take out the moisture from her hair.  I normally plait her hair to keep it tidy from one week to the next as I have a busy schedule and sometimes come back home late. From a nourishing perspective I try to moisture her hair every second day.  Moisturizing takes couple of forms, I use moisture based products or I use rosewater, spray water or a good moisturiser followed by use hair and skin butter sealed with a heavier oil  in winter. Usually this is Asili First Press Castor Oil with Peppermint Oil.


    This is the part where every mom rolls her eyes. Depending on the style this can mean anything between 2-6 episodes of Paw Patrol. For the sake of regular cleansing and sport I keep the hairstyles uncomplicated and easy to undo. We also try to avoid tight styles, she has a very sensitive scalp.


    Every 2-3 days we moisturise and/or seal depending on how dry her hair is.







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