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    The link between hair, nails, skin and nutrition is not always an obvious one. With all the creams, ointments and procedures to get you skin looking younger,  plumper and firmer it is easy to overlook one really important thing. Your body needs good nutrients to feel, perform and look its best. And sorry ladies, good nutrition includes drinking plenty of water.

    Starting with hair and nails, did you know that your body does not view hair and nails as ‘critical’ for existence. When you deprive your body of good nutrition it looks to cut back on what it apportions to your hair and nails. Starved of what they need our nails chip, flake and break. Our hair loses it ability stretch and bounce back, sheds and snaps easily. Skin starts to look and feel dry and tired. Losing its elasticity as well as glow.  So how do you eat for optimal skin, nail and hair health?

    Go for organic

    Whenever possible eat organic food. Pesticides, hormones and harmful chemicals have been associated with serious dread diseases but in addition they have also been linked to reduced nutritional content. Take this one step further and go for locally produced. This is less likely to be sprayed with harmful chemicals or modified for shelf life and good looks.

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    Eat the fresh rainbow

    A diversity in fresh vegetables and fruits ensures that your body gets what it needs and leaves enough for a glowing healthy skin, stronger nails and hair.

    Pump up the veggies

    Most people find it much easier to eat a variety of fruit then vegetables. Juicing is a great way of ensuring that you do not fall prey to nutritional insufficiency.

    Limit processed foods

    The course of processing food many of the nutrients present the original food state are reduced or lost completely.  This can be through exposure to heat, freezing, chopping, canning and other processes that leave food void of its original levels of nutrition.

    Drink clean water

    Our bodies are more than 70 percent water yet most of us seem to miss the importance of giving our bodies enough clean water.  Without water our bodies would not survive long. Although we can get water from the foods we eat, this is seldom sufficient. Water combats a long list of diseases and conditions, hydrates skin to give it that gorgeous feel and look. It stops nails from becoming brittle and is an essential component in the structure of healthy hair. There is no doubt that drinking sufficient water is an essential part of good health.

    But what if you want that little bit extra for healthy beauty? Use natural cosmetics, oil and brands when possible. Remember that anything you put onto your hair or skin is absorbed into your body and is in your ‘system’. Keeping those things that are not good for you down to a minimum goes a long toward optimum health.  Try our range of natural butters, oil and mist to help keep you and your family healthier. Made from ingredients like shea butter, lemongrass oil, first press castor oil and rosewater. All these and the other ingredients we use are not only beneficial for your skin and hair but your long term health too.

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