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    By Margaret Chandia

    When I say massage most people think relaxing spa treatments and not hair care. Massaging your scalp with the pads of your fingers are great for stimulating blood flow to the scalp. Scalp massages also help stimulate production on natural oils produced by the scalp called sebum. Scalp massaging can help revive a damaged hairline and stimulate hair growth in general. For damaged hair lines it is recommended scalp massages are done daily in the affected areas for 5-10 minutes, but three to four times a week should be fine too. Combining a good growth oil with massage, by applying the oil on your finger pads before the massage, will make a major difference to your hair health/growth. I massage my scalp once or twice a week to stimulate scalp oil production and it has helped soften by hair and reduce dryness for both my scalp and hair, making my hair more manageable.

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    Putting the oil on the scalp and just letting it sit there is not really going to do much, one must also understand the makeup of the oil, the molecule size, is it a penetrating oil, does the property of the oil also stimulate the scalp, why that oil and not another etc etc AND then one needs to STIMULATE the hair follicles and the get the blood flowing which is why what we eat and put into our blood is also important as it carries the nutrients to the scalp and as you have explained we need to massage massage and massage again. And not understanding all of this is why some of us get discouraged when we don’t see the problem being resolved or we don’t see better health in our hair and scalp.‪#‎mytwocent‬‪#‎protip‬

    Guest Post by Margaret ChandiaMaggy BW

    Margaret is not only an avid curlsister and natuaralist but the founder of Me Time Events. She is a dynamic young entrepreneur with a background in social research and project management. Margaret is on a personal mission to build ethical, socially relevant and profitable businesses. Me Time Events marries her mission and two passions, social entrepreneurship and development.

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