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    Are you giving your scalp the same amount of TLC as your actual hair??? If not, there lies your first problem.

    Healthy Hair starts on the scalp. Like the skin all over your body, your scalp needs moisture and nourishment too. Your scalp has millions of tiny pores, sweat glands and a blanket of hair. The perfect environment for bacterial growth.

    The skin on your scalp is also very sensitive. Although it produces sebum or natural oils, this mixed with dirt and sweat can clog pores and cause an imbalance limiting healthy hair growth.

    Washing and conditioning hair every 7-10 days ensures that the millions of pores on your scalp are free from sweat, dirt or anything that might disrupt healthy hair growth.

    Occasionally, your scalp might get dry and that’s were a good, natural oil fits in. Asili’s high quality, cold pressed Castor Oil, which is a natural humectant, is ideal for extra dry scalp.. Humectants draw moisture from the air to your hair and scalp.

    Just a little bit of Castor Oil applied regularly will keep your scalp lubricated and nourished. Additionally, Castor oil has the added benefit of stimulating the scalp encouraging growth…

    Pure Castor oil may cause a little itch. That’s perfectly normal. Just dilute it with another carrier oil like Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Grapeseed Oil.

    Castor oil is well known as one of the most effective scalp oils and can be used on it’s own or mixed with other, nourishing oils.

    Our Castor Oil with Peppermint Essential oil is perfect if you’re looking for that cool, minty sensation that feels so good on a clean scalp. Peppermint is not only soothing but antibacterial and antifungal. Exactly what your scalp needs on these dry, hot summer months.

    So give your scalp the TLC it needs, keep it clean, keep it nourished and the results will speak for themselves..

    Have a happy hair day….

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