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    We are still talking hair techniques and handling. When was the last time you trimmed your hair? Trimming your hair, not cutting, is very important for length retention/growth.

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    Regular trimming (twice a year) is great for minimizing knots and split-ends which eventually lead to breakage. I trim my hair twice a year. I take off about a centimeter off the ends. Some naturals prefer to dust their ends, which is basically trimming but about half a centimeter is taken off and dusting is done about 3 to four times a year. They are other types of trimming/dusting/cutting which are mentioned in this great graphic. Remember when trimming your hair invest is the best SHARP HAIR scissor you can afford. Also on trim in small sections. Trimming hair boosted my length retention and I love the feeling of smooth knot-free ends, much less tangles!

    types of trimming


    Guest Post by Margaret ChandiaMaggy BW

    Margaret is not only an avid curlsister and natuaralist but the  founder of Me Time Events. She is a dynamic young entrepreneur with a background in social research and project management. Margaret is on a personal mission to build ethical, socially relevant and profitable businesses. Me Time Events marries her mission and two passions, social entrepreneurship and development.

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