Styling – 6 Basic Hair Care Tools every Naturalista should have in 2022

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If there's one thing going natural will teach you fast, it is being organised. Taking care of your Natural Hair can be a bit frustrating at first. [...]

Back to School – Your Little Girl and learning how to take care of hair… It’s another new year….

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For some of our little ones, it's the  First year of Big School. An exciting and anxious time for both parents and kids alike. But no need [...]

How to Protect your hair and skin from the Summer Sun

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Hello Summer. The Summer heat is upon us. Although we love those long summer days outdoors, you need to protect your hair and skin. In South Africa, [...]

Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by

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#Try Something New You’ve done everything and nothing is working. Now is a great time to try out something new. Every 4-6 months, it's good to switch [...]

Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by….

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#Focus on Hydration The weather is changing and so should your hair care routine and products. As summer approaches, hydration should be your top priority.  Before the [...]

Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by…

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# Let your Scalp Breath It’s time to let your scalp breathe. Yes, you looked cute in a weave. Yes, those box braids are calling your name [...]

Does your Kinky Coily hair need a trim???

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Introduction It’s  one of those things we ignore or dread.  But it’s an essential part of your healthy hair routine. It’s the only way to ensure your [...]

This Superfruit will revive your dry, damaged hair like magic…..

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Introduction A rich, deep conditioning treatment is always an excellent idea. Especially when your hair can do with some TLC. If breakage and damage is what you [...]

Brush rash

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The other day I noticed a fine rash on my face that looked like I had a breakout just below the surface of my skin. None of [...]

What is your beauty heritage?

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September is heritage month in South Africa.  Not only is South Africa culturally rich but its heritage is what makes its people truly unique. Heritage not only [...]

Embracing Shrinkage is part of your natural hair journey???

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It's amazing that our idea of long, luscious locks is usually straight, flowy and blowing with the wind. But your hair is kinky. It grows out and [...]

This Simple Detangling Mistake is why your hair is not ‘growing’

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In the first year of being natural, one of the biggest frustrations is keeping your hair tangle-free. Your natural instinct is to grab a comb and get [...]

Porosity 101 – How to Test your Hair Porosity at Home…

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Introduction So you have figured out this porosity thing but might need a little reassurance about whether your hair is High, Medium or Low Porosity Let's do [...]

Hair Porosity 101 – 5 Things you should know about High Porosity Hair

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Introduction You’ve done your homework. Done the strand tests and figured out that you just might have High Porosity Hair. What then??? If you might not know [...]

Hair Porosity 101 – 5 Things your should know about Low Porosity Hair

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Introduction Ever felt like your hair takes forever to dry. Most products just sit on it, making it dull, limp and greasy looking. If you’ve done your [...]

Hair Porosity 101- What it is and why it matters?

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Hair Porosity... It’s one of those things you hear a lot of chatter about in the Natural Hair Community. High Porosity, Low Porosity, No Porosity… But what [...]

Winter Haircare Prep – 6 simple tips

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It's that time again. When doeks, weaves and braids become your go-to. When washdays are few and far between. When the thought of a cold scalp sends [...]

It’s the season to switch things up

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Does it feel like your trusted brand of Conditioner, Shampoo or Hair Moisturiser is just not doing what it used to. You've set the day aside. Did [...]

Your Natural Haircare Journey in one Word

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Describe your natural haircare journey in one word? A question we picked up in one of our favourite Local Naturalista Groups. The responses were interesting but what [...]

Candy floss Colour – Rock 2021’s Boldest Hair Colour trend without losing your locks…

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Pastel Greens, Baby pinks and powder blues... What we call the candy floss colours, one of the biggest hair colour trends of 2021. If you dare to [...]

Summer Haircare Series – Your scalp is the secret to healthy hair growth…

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Are you giving your scalp the same amount of TLC as your actual hair??? If not, there lies your first problem. Healthy Hair starts on the scalp. [...]

How I take care of my daughter’s hair

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By Jolly Every now and again I get asked what I do with my daughter’s hair who is eight years old. Spoiler alert, it is pretty simple. [...]

Natures Beauty Box

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The link between hair, nails, skin and nutrition is not always an obvious one. With all the creams, ointments and procedures to get you skin looking younger, [...]

Hair technique

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By Margaret Chandia This week we talk correct hair handling techniques! Health hair is not only about good hair products, you also have to handle your hair [...]

Making healthy changes

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By Margaret Chandia Making healthy changes to your diet can really dramatically improve your hair and body health! Making simple changes like eating a 3-5 servings of [...]

Today we talk stress!

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By Margaret Chandia Image courtesy of stock images at freedigitalimages.net Excessive stress has become an acceptable part of hour daily lives but it can negatively [...]

Today we are talking about water!

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By Margaret Chandia I have mentioned this before but I have to say it again, adequate water intake is important for healthy hair and body! Our bodies [...]


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By Margaret Chandia I remember when I was growing up combing was a nightmare for me and would always end with a lot of hair on the [...]

Massaging for healthier hair

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By Margaret Chandia When I say massage most people think relaxing spa treatments and not hair care. Massaging your scalp with the pads of your fingers are [...]

Trimming your hair

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We are still talking hair techniques and handling. When was the last time you trimmed your hair? Trimming your hair, not cutting, is very important for length [...]

Anyone for a run?

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By Margaret Chandia Anyone for a run? Did you know that exercise can help your hair grow? Cardiovascular exercises like running, aerobics and spinning increase blood flow [...]