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Styling – 6 Basic Hair Care Tools every Naturalista should have in 2022

If there's one thing going natural will teach you fast, it is being organised. Taking care of your Natural Hair can be a bit frustrating at first. It requires a lot of time and patience. But once you establish good hair care routine, things get easier.   No haircare routine is complete without basic hair care tools. These 6 hair care tools are affordable, easy to find, will save you time and will make a world of difference.   Wide tooth comb   Your fingers are the best tools for detangling natural hair. But a good wide tooth comb is a must have. Use it only after a good finger detangle on well moisturised, stretched, dry hair or while conditioning your hair on wash days. It will keep your hair tangle free and prevent unnecessary breakage.   Spray bottle   Water is the secret to moisturised hair. A simple mixture of Distilled water and glycerine in a spray bottle is your best friend on those days when your hair feels a bit dry. Asili's Rosewater Mist is the perfect alternative solution. Not only do you get the goodness of pure rose water, but the bottle also comes in handy when making DIY hair mists...   A Quality Bristle Brush                     A quality Bristle Brush is great for keeping edges neat and tidy. It's also great for daily use on well moisturised, stretched and detangled hair. Make sure the bristles are soft and bendable. Natural fibre and silicone bristles are the best choices...   Satin bonnet   Although not a tool, we can't preach enough about the importance of using a satin bonnet. Less tangles, more moisture. [...]

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Back to School – Your Little Girl and learning how to take care of hair… It’s another new year….

For some of our little ones, it's the  First year of Big School. An exciting and anxious time for both parents and kids alike. But no need to despair. It's a happy time of many firsts… With school being very regimented, this is also the perfect time to teach your little girl the basics of haircare and maintaining a night-time routine. It's no secret that with the right encouragement  kids learn very quickly. They love the certainty and consistency that comes with routine as long as it's playful, relaxed and not too challenging.. Sadly, the vast majority of us were never really taught how to love and take care of our own natural hair the right way. Most of what we know is due to trial and error, experimentation and occasional but infrequent lessons by friends, an older sibling, mother, grandmother or aunt. Teaching your little girl how to take care of and love her natural hair is a priceless gift. An ideal opportunity for mother/daughter (or father/daughter) time. Whilst they learn how to do homework, pack their school bags, make their bed etc, slip in simple hair grooming lessons. What matters most is consistency. From as early as 6, your little girl can, under supervision, do a lot more than you think. Use dolls to learn simple things like washday, plaiting and twisting. How to neaten the edges of a protective style before bed time. Lightly combing hair before Mom finishes off with detangling. Moisturising hair with a spritz. Putting on a satin bonnet at bed time. Cleaning hair care tools. Redoing a ponytail. The results may not be perfect but the lessons learnt are invaluable... Keep the learning process playful and relaxed as [...]

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How to Protect your hair and skin from the Summer Sun

Hello Summer. The Summer heat is upon us. Although we love those long summer days outdoors, you need to protect your hair and skin. In South Africa, very hot and dry weather reaching temperatures of 40 degrees is not uncommon . The scorching heat takes a huge toll on your skin as well as your hair. Here are simple ways to protect your hair and skin from the summer heat. How to protect your skin this summer Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body well  hydrated will also keep your hair and skin hydrated from the inside out. Use a facial Mist - If you plan on spending a lot of time out in the hot sun, investing in a good facial mist can keep you cool all day. Try Asili Rose Water Mist. It’s an all natural, light, rose hydrosol which  can be used on the most sensitive skin and the most fragile hair. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen - No matter your race or skin tone, South African summers require a good sunscreen. Invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Reapply it throughout the day. Wear colours that reflect light - White or lighter coloured, natural fibre clothing are best in hot weather. The colour white refracts light and natural fibres keep the body cool. How to Protect Your Hair Wear a Hat  or use an umbrella - You might not realise it, but your  hair needs protection against the sun too. It can get really dry and brittle causing excessive breakage. When out and about in the hot sun, wearing a hat or using an umbrella will protect your hair. Wear Protective styles [...]

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Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by

#Try Something New You’ve done everything and nothing is working. Now is a great time to try out something new. Every 4-6 months, it's good to switch up your routine. Changing your products prevents dull hair and build-up.It just might be the reason your hair feels dry and looks dull despite you slathering on as much product as you can. Here’s a few ways you can switch things up. Moisturizing - Try switching to lighter moisturizers and hair spritzes. Sealing - Try lighter hair butters. Keep it simple with just a few key ingredients. Washday - Do a deep cleanse (with a clarifying shampoo) and light protein treatment every 6 weeks. Shampoo - Switch to more moisturising shampoos. The weather is getting hotter so wash more often with a mild shampoo. Technique - Try the LCO instead of LOC method. Porosity - Understand your hair porosity and use products accordingly.   Yes, some of us are nervous about  trying new haircare products or techniques but this could be just what your hair needs. Watch out for Asili’s exciting addition to our haircare collection. It may just be the thing you are looking for...

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Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by….

#Focus on Hydration The weather is changing and so should your hair care routine and products. As summer approaches, hydration should be your top priority.  Before the  scorching, hot months of summer hit us like a ton of bricks, focus on getting your hair as supple and moisturized as you can. Hydration is mostly quality of quantity. Internal and External. Drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated is half the battle won. Switching out your heavy hair creams for lighter hair spritzes or leave in conditioners is  what you should be doing daily. Using a hydrating deep conditioner is the non-negotiable habit that will get you to softer, juicy curls and koils. Don't forget to lock in that moisture with a good hair butter. Asili Hair butter contains Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Two of the best oils for Kinky, Curly Hair Textures. Stay Hydrated and Seal those locks...

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Helpful Spring Hair Care Habits we swear by…

# Let your Scalp Breath It’s time to let your scalp breathe. Yes, you looked cute in a weave. Yes, those box braids are calling your name but your scalp needs to breathe. If you notice any damage to your hairline, breakage or dull ends a nice break from protective styles that include extensions is a must. This is the best time to try simpler styles like ponytails, large cornrows and twists. If you don't like dealing with your own hair too much, block a day in the weekend to focus on caring for your lovely fro. Think of it as self-care. Try a relaxing, scalp massage with Asili’s Peppermint Essential Oil infused Castor Oil.   Your scalp is the secret to healthier hair. Just like your skin, it needs to ‘breath’ to stay healthy. That cute hairdo is only cute if you have healthy hair.

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Does your Kinky Coily hair need a trim???

Introduction It’s  one of those things we ignore or dread.  But it’s an essential part of your healthy hair routine. It’s the only way to ensure your ends stay and look healthy at all times. A regular trim.... Why is trimming your hair necessary??? The ends of your hair strands are the oldest part of your hair. As old as 4 years old and more. With time they start to thin out, split, get riddled with tiny knots and look dull. These minor imperfections can have a major effect on the health and success of your hair growth. The only way to establish healthier ends is by getting a regular trim. Healthy ends also prevent your hair from tangling, absorb products easier and just look better. How often should I trim my hair??? There’s really no hard and fast rules about how often you need a trim. Your hair usually tells you when. It will start splitting, knotting, looking dull and fraying at the ends. This hair is usually unhealthy and damaged. It’s good practise to get a trim at least once every 3 months. If you visit a salon for regular treatments and styling, ask them to include a trim (not a cut). Can I use any type of scissors??? This is something that a lot of people don't know about. Trimming your hair is best done with Hair Shears or scissors designed for hair. Your stationery scissors actually can be quite damaging on your ends, especially if they are blunt. Hair scissors are sharper and will ensure you don’t get split ends.. How much should I trim off??? Any visibly damaged or split hair should ideally be trimmed off. Regular trims on healthy [...]

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This Superfruit will revive your dry, damaged hair like magic…..

Introduction A rich, deep conditioning treatment is always an excellent idea. Especially when your hair can do with some TLC. If breakage and damage is what you are experiencing now, the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to sort this out is with just one ingredient. An avocado. Avocado, the simplest solution to dry, damaged hair Avocado is perhaps one of the most popular DIY haircare heroes sitting right in your fridge. It’s packed with amazing fatty alcohols (that’s just oils to you and me), vitamin e and nutrients that have been proven to be excellent for dry, damaged hair. If you simply cannot afford another haircare product, no need to sweat. Get an avocado, give it a good and thorough mash (good and thorough as smooth as possible) and blitz it in a blender for good measure. Trust us, you won't want to skip the extra step. Use this as a hair mask after your regular condition. The nourishing oils will soften and strengthen your hair strands. It's a simple, easy and cheap way to revive your dry and damaged hair.  

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Embracing Shrinkage is part of your natural hair journey???

It's amazing that our idea of long, luscious locks is usually straight, flowy and blowing with the wind. But your hair is kinky. It grows out and up and not down.  Most of all it shrinks… Most naturals have  a love/hate relationship with shrinkage. It’s hard to notice progress in your length if your hair shrinks. But that’s the nature of Kinky Coily Hair and you need to embrace it. Your hair can shrink up to 90% depending on its curl pattern and porosity. Shrinkage is actually a sign of healthy hair. The more moisturised, plump and healthy your hair is, the more likely it will shrink. Your kinks and koils actually give your hair the structure and versatility to create the millions of styles that Africans are known for. The next time you get frustrated with your shrunken fro, think healthy hair shrinks. Embrace it.

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This Simple Detangling Mistake is why your hair is not ‘growing’

In the first year of being natural, one of the biggest frustrations is keeping your hair tangle-free. Your natural instinct is to grab a comb and get to tugging and teasing those tangles out. This could be the biggest mistake you’re making, and why your hair doesn't seem to be growing. Kinky, coily hair is fragile. Combing dry, tangled hair is usually the big reason your hair doesn't seem to grow. It is growing.  It’s  just not retaining the length because of breakage and tangles. To avoid the pains of knots, setbacks and tangles you need to detangle your hair properly and regularly. Preferably once a week during washdays. Before you get that comb and start destroying your hair, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW… Never detangle or comb matted, dry hair. Dry, matted hair is very fragile and will break if handled too roughly. Tangled, Matted hair is best detangled while damp with a product like conditioner on it to give it some slip. So before you get busy with a comb on your dry, matted hair, Dampen your hair with some water. Apply a generous amount of conditioner Gently detangle with your fingers. Finish off with a wide tooth comb Rinse out the conditioner.

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