#Try Something New

You’ve done everything and nothing is working. Now is a great time to try out something new. Every 4-6 months, it’s good to switch up your routine. Changing your products prevents dull hair and build-up.It just might be the reason your hair feels dry and looks dull despite you slathering on as much product as you can. Here’s a few ways you can switch things up.

Moisturizing – Try switching to lighter moisturizers and hair spritzes.

Sealing – Try lighter hair butters. Keep it simple with just a few key ingredients.

Washday – Do a deep cleanse (with a clarifying shampoo) and light protein treatment every 6 weeks.

Shampoo – Switch to more moisturising shampoos. The weather is getting hotter so wash more often with a mild shampoo.

Technique – Try the LCO instead of LOC method.

Porosity – Understand your hair porosity and use products accordingly.


Yes, some of us are nervous about  trying new haircare products or techniques but this could be just what your hair needs. Watch out for Asili’s exciting addition to our haircare collection. It may just be the thing you are looking for…